Fringes, oh little fringes

26 de abril de 2014

So, yesterday it was a big day here in Portugal. From those who may not know, 25th April is the celebration of Portuguese independence, back in 1974, from dictatorship. We call it Carnation Revolution and it was a military coup in Lisbon which overthrew the regime of dictatorship. The revolution started as a military coup, organized by the Armed Forces, but soon was coupled with an unanticipated and popular campaign of civil resistance. The people took the streets and joined the military officers who opposed the regime and this movement would lead to the fall of the dictatorship. No shots were fired and when the population took the streets to celebrate the end of the dictatorship and war in the colonies, carnation flowers were put into the muzzles of the rifles and on the uniforms of the army. So yesterday, it was a perfect day to celebrate our town and to enjoy the (little) sun in Lisbon streets with a cosy and an unpretentious outfit, perfect for a holiday.

Sunnies Dolce&Gabanna, jacket and T-shirt New Yorker, jeans G.Sel and bag from Manoush
Styling: Vinicius Wasconcelos
Photo: Rafael Matos

8 comentários

  1. E o look mais que perfeito para isso mesmo, para um feriado casual e confortável. Adoro a mala! :) *

  2. Para andar nas ruas de Lisboa só mesmo um look assim. Gostei :)

  3. Casaco da New Yorker? Como é que eu não o vi? Ainda está à venda?

    1. É possivel que sim, em algumas lojas :) As colecções estão sempre a mudar...

  4. QUERO ESSES ÓCULOS!! Que inveja!!

  5. Adoro as fotografias tiradas nas ruas de Lisboa. Estão muito giras :-)


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