The Styland meeting with O Boticário

24 de julho de 2014

Helena with O Boticário portuguese leader,  Francisca Távora

Last sunday, The Styland team met with some portuguese bloggers in O Boticário, Brazilian beauty brand. It was a meeting organized by Patricia from The Juicy Glambition, a sweetest friend of mine and an amazing beauty blogger who lives in London. Celebrating the 3rd birthday of her blog, she invited her portuguese readers to meet us for a morning of tips, fun and beauty, sponsored by O Boticário. The other amazing ladies were make-up artist Carla Cunha, beauty vlogger Inês from My Makeup Secret and beauty blogger Helena from Devil Wear Louboutin.
Thank you so much for this super funny morning ladies. Check out our video report :)

Francisca, from O Boticário, Helena and Marta, the other The Styland reporter 

2 comentários

  1. Adorava ter ido para vos conhecer a todas. Fica para uma próxima :-)

  2. Deve ter sido mesmo divertido. Gosto de todas xD


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